Ofra Califa, the designer and owner of Califa- Interior Design and Art Gallery, believes that true design should reflect ones’ personality and not represent a certain style. To design a home with character, we must choose the items that awaken our emotions. Our personality is in a constant dynamic process and so are the items in our living space- at times in harmony and at times in contradiction and stress- always in a dialog. This is why Califa, in her work, salutes dare and humor, originality and undisputed quality. To her, these motives allow the space to grow around us, free of impositions and conventions. Thus creating an environment rich in styles, flowing, experiential and intriguing, built on private preferences.
Ofra Califa studied medicine, theater, interior design and decorative painting, lived in Tokyo, Paris, New York and London, where she discovered the delight of big design exhibitions, markets and small fairs, and the passion of artists and collectors. These opened a window to a world where design choices are the outcome of falling in love, of wanting to touch and embrace.
In Califa, where a selection of design accessories and art work is presented as well as exclusive furniture items such as designed bars, the designer suggests that the observer reveals his/hers personal style- free their emotions, their desire and imagination.
The gallery offers consultation and interior design services in the customers’ home or office, as well as upholstery and curtain making services. The gallery owner specializes in decorative painting on walls, creating a sense of depth and elegance.