Decorative Painting
Ofra Califa, the designer and owner of Califa- Interior Design and Art Gallery, specialized in decorative painting techniques in London and Tuscany art schools. These techniques create wonderful different paint effects of wood, stone, marble, sky, frescoes and more on walls. The outcome is very elegant walls with depth, washable and durable for many years. Adding stencils and drawings will enrich the look further.
  • Sienna Marble
  • Sky
  • Black & Gold Marble
  • Stone Wall
  • Leather
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Verde Marble
  • Wood Grain
  • White Marble
  • Wood, Oak
  • Porphyry
  • Distressed Paint
  • Metal Powder, Elegant Finish
  • Tortoise Shell
  • ‘Chita’ Design
  • Fresco Imitation