An outstanding zinc bar, style bistro annee 1930 stands at your service in Califa gallery, a professional bar, designated for a restaurant or your private home, with a high quality durable zinc metal working surface. The designed bar can be ordered in varying sizes and can include original components such as sinks, beer faucets, trays, handles and light fixtures. One can add a wall unit (verrier), mirrored, with polished glass shelves supported by original metal angles, and finish the look with matching bentwood bar stools. These bars are manufactured for several generations in the same family owned atelier in Paris.
Colonial style bars, made of wood in different shades and sizes, which will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in any home or working space, are sold at the gallery. Matching ‘Menu’ boards set with clocks, relief wine panels and shelving units for keys and messages, create an ambiance of a retro hotels’ reception area, with a smile.
In addition, the gallery offers a service designing elegant modern bars, using diverse materials such as metal, marble, wood and glass, combining leather or fabric upholstery and lighting, footrests and matching bar stools. Accessories like signs, trays and dishes can be added to the bars according to taste. A perfect present.
  • Bar Service Stand, Shelves, Tulip Beer Tap
  • Colonial Style Designed Bar
  • Bottle Rack
  • French Bar Anee 30th Style
  • Designed Bar, Gallery Event
  • Zinc Top