Califa- Interior Design and Art Gallery holds a large selection of accessories and art work. Ceramics, woodwork, home fashion textiles, embroidery, handmade rugs, sculptures and paintings by different artists as well as changing art exhibitions.

Imported hand made ceramics in different sizes, vases, serving dishes and plates for private homes and offices. Some items are engraved with lace using special techniques. Wood work includes carved sculptures and light fixtures, decorative items, columns and headboards, all made by artists and craftsmen.
Home fashion accessories include cushions in different sizes, tablecloths, bedcovers and throws. Cushions are made from fabrics imported exclusively by the gallery, throws and bedcovers are made from fur, synthetic fur and ethnic embroidery. Special tablecloths- lace, weaves and prints.
Old hand made Persian rugs, some square, with interesting design and color way, are presented next to special ‘opium’ bamboo mats and gold printed fabulous leather rugs from Holland. One can also find pale hand painted tiles, water color paintings, horses’ lithographs from Spain, framed belt embroideries including coins and beads, bronze, stone and wood sculptures, some antique, for the home, garden or office, exotic large waterfalls for creating an enchanted atmosphere, bamboo containers, gongs, handles, ‘retro’ styled fans and even decorative bird cages.